Tuesday, November 26, 2013

365 photo a day challenge | day 27 & 28

 photo DSC_0451copcopy_zps9c340263.jpg  photo DSC_0259copy_zps2343c7c6.jpg well we are getting ready for the thanksgiving week! looking forward to spending time with family and stuffing my tummy full of delicious food and treats. 

i hope you all have a wonderful and happy thanksgiving! 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

anderson family :: family portraits :: lenexa, ks.

 photo DSC_8505cropped_zpsd223df71.jpg  photo DSC_8329copybw_zps218f9c06.jpg  photo DSC_8349copy_zpsc4f88a9c.jpg  photo DSC_8670copybw_zps54d801f5.jpg  photo DSC_8378copy_zps889ddea3.jpg  photo DSC_8389copy_zps27a03429.jpg  photo DSC_8706copybw_zps6678bac1.jpg  photo DSC_8742copy_zpsdb10d7ee.jpg  photo DSC_8737copyvintage_zps205ed61e.jpg

365 day photo challenge | day 1 - day 20

i have been inspired by many photographers and friends to take the 365 day photo challenge. i am excited to start this project in hopes that it will help me grow as an aspiring photographer and challenge me to go outside my comfort zone. i absolutely love capturing the everyday craziness of our lives and the fun quirks of my children and i think this will be the perfect opportunity to make me use my camera more in the most unusual of times.

so follow me along on this fun journey of mine. 

*i should note that i decided to start this project on october 30th and with the busy that comes with fall family sessions, i never had time to post all them till now. but i do promise to try and post one everyday when i can! :)
 photo DSC_7976copy_zps3c60fb21.jpg  photo DSC_7993copy_zpse35164b1.jpg  photo DSC_8322copy_zps401e33d7.jpg  photo DSC_8308copy_zpsd302def4.jpg  photo DSC_8212copy_zps00502eba.jpg  photo DSC_8788copy_zps264634fa.jpg  photo DSC_8838copy_zps83d80bc5.jpg  photo DSC_8936copy_zps94698b6a.jpg  photo DSC_8947copy_zps6395b2a1.jpg  photo DSC_8994copy2_zps3c9b4284.jpg  photo DSC_9024copy_zpsf27dd338.jpg  photo DSC_9367copy_zps9ebd841d.jpg  photo DSC_9386copy_zps587a9524.jpg  photo DSC_9370copy_zps1512584c.jpg  photo DSC_9430copy_zpsfcd01af4.jpg  photo DSC_9402copy_zpse44ff95c.jpg photo DSC_9449copy_zps2052dfd9.jpg photo DSC_9459copy_zps3fb302a5.jpg photo DSC_9482copy2_zpsbc51ce93.jpg  photo DSC_9504copy_zps537f0034.jpg hope you are having a wonderful week!