Friday, December 12, 2014

The Peterson Kids :: Portraits :: Olathe, KS.

Another one of my favorite families to share with you today. I have been lucky enough to watch these four cute kids grow and blossom and I just adore their mom. We were blessed with a beautiful overcast afternoon and these kids made my job so easy. We got a lot of fun and cute shots in and I can't wait to share these ones with you.


 photo DSC_3831copyvintagecopy_zps6e3ee704.jpg  photo DSC_3936copyvintagecopy_zps1335fd64.jpg  photo DSC_3888copy_zps7c384750.jpg  photo DSC_3940copybwcopy_zpsc91782a5.jpg  photo DSC_3848copyvintagecopy_zps54b61460.jpg  photo DSC_3945copy_zps3c0e2306.jpg  photo DSC_3825copybwcopy_zps9e9e24cd.jpg Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Lucas Family :: Family Portraits :: Lenexa, KS.

This was such a fun and awesome family session. These guys sure know how to have a good time and keep each other laughing. Their two boys were just so fun and you could just see the love this mother has for her sons. I loved these moments captured and it was so hard picking just a few of my favorites from their beautiful session but I am excited to share these ones with you!


 photo DSC_2724copyvintagecopy_zps3ababce7.jpg  photo 1_zps791b73f3.jpg  photo DSC_2758copy_zps45a2750b.jpg  photo DSC_2618copy_zps56859849.jpg  photo 2_zps6a97a611.jpg  photo DSC_2907copybwcopy_zpsc87ad2d2.jpg  photo DSC_2658copy_zps5d4c2cbb.jpg  photo DSC_2779copyvintagecopy_zps17834ef3.jpg  photo DSC_2800copyvintagecopy_zps09259454.jpg  photo DSC_2833copyvintagecopy_zps0a98188a.jpg  photo DSC_2887copyvintagecopy_zpsc3a6315b.jpg  photo DSC_3108copybwcopy_zps9bf5861f.jpg  photo DSC_3103copy_zpsfd2aa76f.jpg  photo DSC_3085copy_zps540d1137.jpg  photo DSC_3119copyvintagecopy_zps29755439.jpg What a great year this has been for family sessions. I am so thankful that I got to share so many awesome families with you all. Wishing you a wonderful day! 


The Stubbs Family :: Family Portraits :: Lenexa, KS.

This was such a fun and cute little family to capture. Liza came with the idea of getting the perfect Christmas photo and we did just that and then some. We found some beautiful evergreens and decorated them to set up the perfect setting. Plus, their daughter was just the most adorable and fun little girl there is. Love these holiday sessions, it sure is getting me more to that holiday spirit!


 photo DSC_2475copy_zps1052f693.jpg  photo 1_zpsa0ee776e.jpg  photo DSC_2499copybwcopy_zps2c1d2f57.jpg  photo DSC_2428copybwcopy_zpsafc6fd63.jpg  photo 2_zpsf6e2deaf.jpg  photo DSC_2398copy_zpsad96b102.jpg  photo DSC_2522copybwcopy_zps83571c5c.jpg  photo DSC_2516copyvintagecopy_zps8a6b94f4.jpg  photo DSC_2559copybwcopy_zpsb09a8454.jpg  photo DSC_2550copy_zps2194090e.jpg  photo DSC_2539copyvintagecopy_zps1f3acb12.jpg Hope you are having a wonderful week! Wishing you lots of Holiday cheer!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Black Family :: Family Portraits :: Olathe, KS.

Another wonderful and amazing family that I have had the privilege to capture over the past few years. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends who have encouraged me and supported me in my photography passion, and this sweet lady is one of those wonderful friends. I have been so lucky to watch her sweet and beautiful children grow up and we made sure to have a fun session in this gorgeous fall weather. Plus we had to get a few with mom and dad in the picture too.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful photos.
 photo DSC_1344copyvintagecopy_zps8fe5b92c.jpg  photo DSC_1305copy_zps715796ee.jpg  photo DSC_1413copy_zpsa849e6f3.jpg  photo DSC_1258copy_zpscea86a35.jpg  photo DSC_1335copy_zpsbdd97040.jpg  photo 1_zps7b4851f7.jpg  photo DSC_1383copyvintagecopy_zps65580f7c.jpg  photo DSC_1444copyvintagecopy_zps149744fb.jpg  photo DSC_1489copy_zps88fa58c5.jpg  photo DSC_1322copybwcopy_zps8185c0df.jpg photo DSC_1460copy_zps654ea954.jpg  photo DSC_1543copyvintagecopy_zpsd0d372e4.jpg Hope you all are having a fun and wonderful week! More to share with you soon!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Anderson Family :: Family Portraits :: Olathe, KS.

This family is pretty special to me. Tara has been one of my greatest friends since I moved here, and she is definitely one of my biggest fan and supporter in my photography journey. She is always cheering me on and giving me awesome words of encouragement. I was beyond happy to capture her and her adorable boys and cute little family. These three boys just melt my heart and are seriously so fun and so cute. We had such a fun time playing and laughing. It was a wonderful afternoon and I am so grateful I got to spend it with a great friend.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful pics.
 photo DSC_0522copy_zpscaf41344.jpg  photo DSC_1595copy_zps1807225c.jpg  photo 1_zpsd9ed73e3.jpg  photo DSC_0670copy_zps26f46254.jpg  photo 2_zps2e09fe55.jpg  photo DSC_1644copy_zps186f7358.jpg  photo DSC_1744copybwcopy_zps49a0a42e.jpg  photo DSC_1705copy_zps0ea8a9bf.jpg  photo DSC_1969copybwcopy_zpsb6725bf9.jpg  photo DSC_1890copyvintagecopy_zps036f2f25.jpg  photo DSC_1768copyvintagecopy_zps5ef4c364.jpg  photo DSC_2174copy_zps8ca6c048.jpg  photo DSC_2155copyvintagecopy_zps34892b28.jpg  photo DSC_2066copy_zpsc08797e3.jpg I am excited to share more wonderful sessions with you.

Hope you are having a beautiful week!