Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Emily :: Senior Portraits :: Denver, CO.

Okay, I might just be a tad bias, but this gorgeous girl just happens to be one of my(and definitely my kids) favorite person. This is, of course, my niece and the first one to make me an aunt. I remember how excited I was when I heard she was born and now I can't believe that she is a senior and ready to graduate high school! So crazy! But I am so extremely proud of her and the woman she has grown up to be. 

We made sure to have fun capturing some senior shots while we were in Colorado over the holidays. Being a big Broncos and Rockies fan, we made sure to go downtown and get a few fun shots and capture this sweet girl's fun and sporty personality. I loved that it snowed while we were there. It made for a beautiful scenery.


 photo DSC_5701copy_zps283be866.jpg  photo 2_zps4a88f5c8.jpg  photo DSC_5792copy_zps44995de5.jpg  photo DSC_5665copy_zpscd0c01b7.jpg  photo DSC_5836copyvintagecopy_zps654629a9.jpg  photo DSC_5680copybwcopy_zps56352a68.jpg  photo 1_zps0abdca47.jpg photo DSC_5671copyvintagecopy_zps74e955df.jpg  photo DSC_5722copy_zpsfe530f3a.jpg  photo DSC_5774copyvintagecopycopy_zps2263c344.jpg  photo DSC_5825copy_zpsd1a18fae.jpg  photo DSC_5797copy_zps404ef88a.jpg I absolutely love fun senior sessions!

Wishing you a wonderful week!


Friday, January 16, 2015

Chadwick Family :: Family Portraits :: Lenexa, KS.

Another awesome family photo shoot from 2014. The weather was perfect and beautiful and this family was just so fun to capture. They made my job so easy and I enjoyed just watching them all together. I was so extremely blessed in 2014 to have such amazing clients and this family was definitely one of them.

So excited to share some of my favorites with you. 


 photo DSC_4845copyvitagecopy_zpsacce4a48.jpg  photo DSC_4731copycopy_zpsdd85a0ae.jpg  photo 3_zpsd0bd4284.jpg  photo DSC_4901copyvintagecopy_zps72806850.jpg  photo DSC_4977copybwcopy_zps96b842f9.jpg  photo 1_zpscd86c480.jpg  photo DSC_4809copybwcopy_zps93e19bae.jpg  photo DSC_4774copy_zps3bcc2a98.jpg  photo DSC_4998copy_zps4b8bb965.jpg  photo DSC_4878copy_zps03694da3.jpg  photo 2_zps03c86ae1.jpg  photo DSC_4993copy_zps896668e3.jpg  photo DSC_4933copybwcopy_zpsbaa62498.jpg  photo DSC_4967copyvintagecopy_zps6ccfc9e4.jpg Happy Friday! Hope you had a wonderful week and a beautiful weekend to enjoy ahead!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby P :: Newborn Portraits :: Olathe, KS.

Wow, what a wonderful Holiday break. It was nice and cozy and full of Rocky Mountain snow from our visit in Colorado. This break was definitely relaxing and enjoyable but I am happy to be back and in our routines again.

Before I left for my trip, I had the privilege of capturing my very sweet friend's brand new baby girl. Baby P was everything perfect and beautiful. I am so completely happy for my friend and the new little blessing she gets to love on. I know I sure loved loving on her that day.

 photo DSC_4268copyvintagecopy_zps7c7c511b.jpg  photo DSC_4552copy_zps608eff21.jpg  photo 1_zpsaea0b13b.jpg  photo DSC_4321copycopy_zps98a16459.jpg  photo DSC_4392copybwcopy_zps0ea1b640.jpg  photo DSC_4446copy_zps03a3684a.jpg  photo 3_zps56e07ac1.jpg  photo DSC_4492copybwcopy_zpsdf8f614f.jpg  photo DSC_4407copyvintagecopy_zps912bc0f9.jpg  photo DSC_4396copyvintagecopy_zpsb3b20940.jpg  photo DSC_4529copy_zpsfb0c2205.jpg  photo DSC_4479copy2_zps7168c436.jpg  photo 2_zps6b8124fb.jpg photo DSC_4563copybwcopy_zps339dbd10.jpg photo DSC_4678copy_zpsea661d65.jpg Hope you are having a wonderful week! I know I am getting pretty excited about the weekend coming up! 


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

i heart faces :: best face of 2014

I love the best face challenges from I heart faces.

I had such a hard time picking a favorite face from 2014. There were so many fun and cute expressions. And just looking through them all was also a wonderful treat, but alas this one little face just stuck out for me. 

Our sweet little two year old giving me his best grumpy face. That face(grumpy or not) melts me every. single. time.
 photo DSC_4019copy2_zps18a1b199.jpg Make sure you go check out I heart faces for more amazing and beautiful faces from 2014!

Enjoy your wonderful week!