Thursday, June 27, 2013

Black Family :: Olathe, KS.

I love this family! I have gotten the wonderful opportunity to photograph these cute kids on a couple different occasions and it's been so fun to watch them grow up and blossom into these awesome little people. They made this a fun session for sure!
 photo DSC_0491copybw_zps066372c4.jpg  photo DSC_0460copy_zpsf6135ad6.jpg  photo 1_zps7df3e396.jpg  photo DSC_0417copy_zps4ac1d9bc.jpg  photo DSC_0412copybw_zps1960ee62.jpg  photo DSC_0309copy2_zps8201e35e.jpg  photo DSC_0362copy_zps71053f05.jpg  photo DSC_0316_zps6fbb349d.jpg I have been so so blessed to have such amazing and wonderful clients!

Hope you are having a beautiful week!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby S Nine Month Portraits and Family :: Olathe, KS.

Last fall I got to take this adorable family's portraits. They just had their super cute baby boy and I was beyond thrilled when they asked me to take his nine month portraits. He is just the sweetest baby with the most precious smile. 

Needless to say it was another fun and wonderful session!
 photo DSC_9503copy_zps3dc7ba5f.jpg  photo DSC_9511copy_zps868c3c34.jpg  photo DSC_9530copyvintage_zps099681e5.jpg  photo 1_zps0ee94bbc.jpg  photo DSC_9550copybw_zpse9d58491.jpg  photo DSC_9713copy_zps5d97080b.jpg  photo DSC_9735copy_zps36e20d9d.jpg  photo 2_zps621cb7f1.jpg  photo DSC_9817copybw_zpsfad59c5d.jpg  photo DSC_9863copybw_zps58840c5a.jpg love this super fun and super cute family!! happy wednesday! hope your week is just wonderful! xx

Friday, June 14, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

cousins :: family portraits :: olathe, ks.

this was such a fun session.

these cute kids and teens surrounded by their cousins, friends, family. it was fun to see them all together and to capture their wonderful moments.

i grew up(and still do) loving my cousins. most of them are my best friends and creating and keeping that magical bond is such a beautiful thing.

it was fun to see that bond with this family too.
 photo DSC_9006copy_zps6d39216d.jpg  photo DSC_9012copybw_zps7aa6ae9d.jpg  photo DSC_9071copy_zps7d874c02.jpg  photo DSC_9147copyvintage_zpse5a17fcd.jpg  photo DSC_9117copybw_zps1e3b57a8.jpg  photo DSC_9186copyvintage_zps100ed242.jpg  photo DSC_9167copy_zps23d02be7.jpg  photo DSC_9209copy_zpse803a017.jpg  photo DSC_9246copy_zps6d065d62.jpg  photo DSC_9024copybw_zps5d6b5679.jpg  photo DSC_8981copy_zps24824437.jpg such a beautiful family!!

happy wednesday!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

baby k :: newborn portraits :: overland park. ks.

my dear and sweet friend Kristin welcomed her fifth little baby last week. a sweet and beautiful baby boy! she invited me in to capture a few pictures of her new baby boy while in the hospital and i just fell completely in love with him.

he is just precious!
   photo DSC_8665copy_zps16ad4a82.jpg photo DSC_8695copybw_zpsac091925.jpg  photo picturetemplate_zpsc6b9a20b.jpg  photo DSC_8720copybw_zps4a4e27d1.jpg  photo DSC_8658copyvintag_zps96a67acf.jpg so in love! 

hope you are all having a beautiful week!