Wednesday, June 12, 2013

cousins :: family portraits :: olathe, ks.

this was such a fun session.

these cute kids and teens surrounded by their cousins, friends, family. it was fun to see them all together and to capture their wonderful moments.

i grew up(and still do) loving my cousins. most of them are my best friends and creating and keeping that magical bond is such a beautiful thing.

it was fun to see that bond with this family too.
 photo DSC_9006copy_zps6d39216d.jpg  photo DSC_9012copybw_zps7aa6ae9d.jpg  photo DSC_9071copy_zps7d874c02.jpg  photo DSC_9147copyvintage_zpse5a17fcd.jpg  photo DSC_9117copybw_zps1e3b57a8.jpg  photo DSC_9186copyvintage_zps100ed242.jpg  photo DSC_9167copy_zps23d02be7.jpg  photo DSC_9209copy_zpse803a017.jpg  photo DSC_9246copy_zps6d065d62.jpg  photo DSC_9024copybw_zps5d6b5679.jpg  photo DSC_8981copy_zps24824437.jpg such a beautiful family!!

happy wednesday!


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Rosemary Nickerson said...

What a delightful photo session!!! Cousins are the best ever, and you have single handedly preserved the moment for this crew! Wonderful job.