Thursday, May 30, 2013

the drake family :: family portraits :: olathe, ks.

i had the amazing pleasure of capturing this beautiful and totally fun family last week. their youngest son just returned back from serving a mission for their church and everyone came back home for the big homecoming!

they were such a blast to capture and we had so much fun! 
 photo DSC_8409copy_zps0c73065a.jpg  photo DSC_8377copybw_zps562e54bb.jpg  photo 6_zps686f911f.jpg  photo DSC_8439copyvintage_zps3f907055.jpg  photo 1_zps31f263a7.jpg  photo DSC_8320copy_zps90e2a3c2.jpg  photo DSC_8512copyvintage_zps69951fcb.jpg  photo DSC_8484copy_zps7d4a8791.jpg  photo 2_zpsfd070f13.jpg  photo DSC_8459copy_zps46a6351c.jpg  photo DSC_8546copyvintage_zps983cfb15.jpg  photo 3_zps3585ecfc.jpg  photo DSC_8503copybw_zps456ac2d6.jpg  photo DSC_8522copyvintage_zps452f9efc.jpg  photo 4_zpsa377cf17.jpg  photo DSC_8533copyvintage_zps8601ff88.jpg photo 5_zps044039b5.jpg  photo DSC_8574copy_zps2a75b9e1.jpg aren't they just the cutest family?! thank you Drake family for such a wonderful time!

hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

megan and adam :: engagement :: olathe, ks

i had the wonderful opportunity to capture this adorable couple for their engagement shots. they were such a fun couple and so relax and awesome to work with. not to mention that they are just a gorgeous couple!

 photo 4_zpsafaa5c63.jpg  photo DSC_8008copyvintage_zps45670f8d.jpg  photo 2_zps6e735065.jpg  photo DSC_8027copy_zps71915d16.jpg  photo 3_zps86540f80.jpg  photo DSC_8148copybw_zps9d030ff0.jpg  photo 1_zpsfeb3f40b.jpg  photo DSC_8076copy2_zpsa21a8db2.jpg so happy for them!

congrats Megan and Adam on the upcoming nuptials!

happy wednesday!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

baby e :: olathe, ks.

i had the most wonderful pleasure to photograph this new and sweet baby boy. he was just two weeks old and the sweetest and most perfect little baby. he made photographing him and his beautiful mom so easy!

 photo DSC_7247copybw_zpse735d948.jpg  photo DSC_7436copy_zpse3278ac9.jpg  photo DSC_7303copybw_zps90dbd3fe.jpg  photo DSC_7265copy_zps8b973b7e.jpg photo DSC_7461copybw_zps2f8d31eb.jpg  photo 2_zps7aa3d739.jpg  photo DSC_7454copybw_zps18c78cec.jpg  photo DSC_7252copy_zps6228426f.jpg  photo DSC_7440copy_zps3c9afd03.jpg  photo 1_zpsc6decfbc.jpg  photo DSC_7295copy_zps60b2d2e8.jpg isn't he the most precious thing?

thank you walker family for letting photograph your new little blessing!

happy tuesday!!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

walker :: three year portraits :: olathe, ks.

so things have been a little busy around here and i am so sorry for the absence on this little blog. i have been working with some fun and super cute clients and i am so excited to share them with you!

also, i am also working on making this little blog into a big website and that has been fun and crazy all at the same time. to say i am excited is an understatement... i just can't wait for it all to be up and ready!!

in the meantime i want to share with you some adorable pictures of one of the cutest three year old boys i know. my daughter loves him!

 photo DSC_6627copyvintage_zps4487ccbe.jpg  photo 1_zps4b770d4a.jpg  photo DSC_6820copybw_zps6e7d3674.jpg  photo 4_zpscadff65c.jpg  photo DSC_6631copyvintage_zpse7b5d4b1.jpg  photo 2_zps90288fa0.jpg  photo DSC_6694copy_zps3ae7fe5d.jpg  photo 3_zps040ff59a.jpg isn't he just the cutest thing?

hope you are having a fabulous week! it's almost the weekend!!