Monday, November 30, 2015

Hartung Family :: Family Portraits:: Lenexa, KS.

This was such a fun and beautiful family session. I am so very honored that this sweet family ask me to take their fall portraits, and I am even more excited that they moved back into town. We definitely took advantage of the beautiful fall foliage and that stunning golden light. I am loving all of their portraits from this wonderful session.


 photo DSC_6594 copy 2_zpsuablbhso.jpg  photo 1_zpsmll6z4q1.jpg  photo DSC_6657 copybw copy_zpsxizogk5m.jpg  photo 2_zpsljksd2tz.jpg  photo DSC_6728 copybw copy_zpsvv55he7z.jpg  photo 4_zps2yttcxmj.jpg  photo DSC_6665 copy_zpsabfpoq9r.jpg  photo DSC_6894 copybw copy_zpshxtpzlja.jpg  photo DSC_6806 copy_zpsrzybzxru.jpg  photo DSC_6745copyvintage copy_zpsxpupphiq.jpg  photo 3_zpsmfce3vbf.jpg  photo DSC_6776 copy_zpsuky0jpbc.jpg  photo DSC_6888 copyvintage copy_zpsmtyrcbxp.jpg  photo DSC_6907 copyvintage copy_zpskpcxbvuo.jpg  photo DSC_6946 copyvintage copy_zpstvk5s492.jpg  photo DSC_6983 copyvintage copy_zpsd7gnmqbm.jpg I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I sure enjoyed some much needed quality time with my family. Now I am off to edit like a mad women. Stay tuned for lots and lots of more beautiful family sessions! 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NeSmith Family :: Children Portraits :: Lenexa, KS.

This was such a fun little session. Three families, getting all of their little ones together, to get one great shot of the grandkids for their parents as a fun little gift. I had the wonderful pleasure of capturing all of these cute little boys and one beautiful young lady. We had perfect weather, perfect lighting and a lot of perfect little people to make this session just awesome. 

Hope you enjoy!
 photo 3_zpsnuum9ea8.jpg  photo DSC_6116 copybw copy_zpsoidjvgvg.jpg  photo 2_zpsueupkfpz.jpg  photo DSC_6030 copyvintage copy_zpsvp4km9ug.jpg  photo 1_zpsyjcw2pxl.jpg  photo DSC_6386 copy_zps5ngbqmoy.jpg  photo 6_zps3urln30u.jpg  photo DSC_6255 copyvintage copy_zpsclxbfbym.jpg  photo 4_zps1pvrrjkn.jpg  photo DSC_6274 copy_zpsumgglupa.jpg  photo 5_zpshgwrc86e.jpg  photo DSC_6110 copyvintage copy_zpspf1cp7vp.jpg  photo 7_zps4qzgl0pv.jpg Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a beautiful week so far!


Friday, November 13, 2015

Baby G :: Newborn Portraits :: Olathe, KS.

I am so very lucky that I got to spend the afternoon with this sweet guy and his lovely parents.  Just shy of his one week birthday, this boy was everything perfect and wonderful. Baby G is just the sweetest little blessing and I absolutely adore his family. He is definitely one loved little guy.


 photo DSC_5557 copybw_zpsdlsh0old.jpg  photo DSC_5504 copy_zpspce3v1nm.jpg  photo 2_zpsochzrbbv.jpg  photo DSC_5457 copyvintage copy_zpsebfm5vxw.jpg  photo DSC_5400 copyvintage copy_zpsszvdkr96.jpg  photo 1_zpskpxzmcw7.jpg  photo DSC_5557 copy 3_zpsbdy4j8rh.jpg  photo DSC_5342 copybw copy_zpsuolwqefo.jpg  photo 4_zpsd2xp9bxo.jpg  photo DSC_5516copyvintage copy_zpszlqmvg9n.jpg  photo DSC_5390 copybw copy_zps8zlnornl.jpg  photo DSC_5316 copy_zpss2zoznh2.jpg  photo 3_zpsbpbdofwz.jpg  photo DSC_5340 copy_zpsziqtvskz.jpg Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hannah :: Senior Portraits :: Shawnee Mission, KS

I just love senior sessions. They are just so fun, and capturing sweet and beautiful girls like this one makes it even more wonderful. Hannah was such a blast to capture and I absolutely enjoyed her go with the flow type nature. She too made picking my favorites to share hard. I loved every capture of her and wanted to edit and post them all! 

But I did manage to pick a few to share with you now. ;)


 photo 5_zpsuwurmm3u.jpg  photo DSC_4975 copy 2_zpsxigbbe0l.jpg  photo 3_zpswf1gqs8u.jpg  photo DSC_4876 copy_zpsmgjhgfe8.jpg  photo 4_zpskhfoyoog.jpg  photo DSC_4913 copybw copy_zpsbriynke3.jpg  photo 1_zpsh4im4cq4.jpg  photo DSC_4834 copyvintage copy_zps7qncxuvs.jpg I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. Looking forward to sharing some more fun sessions with you soon!