Friday, January 31, 2014

photo a day challenge | day 77 - 94

phew... i have the taking the daily picture thing down... just editing and posting it is what i need to work on. ;)
 photo DSC_9523copy_zps1a29e1d5.jpg  photo DSC_0243copy_zpsc6072388.jpg  photo DSC_3097copy_zpsa9eca645.jpg  photo DSC_3168copy_zpsee21453d.jpg  photo DSC_3151copy_zpsf5def0a1.jpg  photo DSC_9548copy_zpsf81d78b8.jpg  photo DSC_0457copy_zpse7e5311d.jpg  photo DSC_0396copy_zpsc732c8eb.jpg  photo DSC_3235copy_zpsc0f3402f.jpg  photo DSC_3256copy_zpsaf7c145a.jpg  photo DSC_3305copy_zps25ed446b.jpg  photo DSC_3250copy_zps97662f92.jpg  photo DSC_3317copy_zps4f3b65cf.jpg photo DSC_3394copy_zps0d46151d.jpg  photo DSC_3477copy_zpsd11642ff.jpg  photo DSC_3351copy_zps04c08eda.jpg  photo DSC_3457copy_zps920c0517.jpg  photo DSC_3403copy_zps6226d33c.jpg wow! can you believe January is already over?

hope you had a wonderful week! enjoy the weekend!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

i heart faces :: best face of 2013

2013 brought so many wonderful and fun faces. it was a blessed year for sure!  photo DSC_0205copyblog_zpsfda32c1c.jpg who could resist some motor boat faces?

 check out some more wonderful faces of 2013 over at i heart faces!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

photo a day challenge | day 64 - 76

whew... finally getting caught up on this blog to post the photos from the beginning of the year. i am loving the challenge! it's been so much fun and i am hoping that i can keep going strong!
 photo DSC_2465copybwcopy_zps578d18a0.jpg  photo DSC_2987copybwcopy_zps48bc3229.jpg  photo DSC_2997copy_zpsad39038d.jpg  photo DSC_3099copy2_zpsae649b86.jpg  photo DSC_2508copy3_zps9d89bbcd.jpg  photo DSC_3136copy_zps9d35db66.jpg  photo DSC_3016copy_zps5dcdf892.jpg  photo DSC_3026copy_zpsa27829b9.jpg  photo DSC_3122copy_zpsfc1f9a84.jpg photo DSC_3212copy3_zps841b66f2.jpg  photo DSC_3071copy_zps1bb884a4.jpg photo DSC_3218copy_zpsb1f91ee2.jpg photo DSC_3222copybwcopy_zpscbfbf0d5.jpg hope you are having a wonderful week!


Monday, January 13, 2014

baby b :: newborn session :: olathe, ks

my first newborn session of the year. i had so much fun capturing this sweet new baby boy. he didn't want to sleep at all for his little session but it was still so beautiful to capture him with his beautiful and loving family.

he is seriously the sweetest little thing!

 photo DSC_2494copybwcopy_zps5e269c3d.jpg  photo 2_zpsfee16b3d.jpg photo DSC_2629copybwcopy_zps5d350f40.jpg  photo 1_zpscdc6ccc1.jpg photo DSC_2633copybwcopy_zps8aa295b3.jpg photo DSC_2647copyvintagecopy_zps163bb4cb.jpg photo DSC_2655copy_zps6fe8d68c.jpg photo DSC_2671copybwcopy_zpsbb5ffa74.jpg photo DSC_2733copybwcopy_zpse73a5e36.jpg photo DSC_2798copybwcopy_zpsbb149497.jpg photo DSC_2750copy_zps23a43141.jpg photo DSC_2862copybwcopy_zps5e44728f.jpg photo DSC_2830copy_zpse97cd8dd.jpg photo DSC_2841copy_zps7e1d5521.jpg what a great way to start the new year off than snuggling and capturing sweet tiny blessings!

hope you have a beautiful week!


365 photo a day challenge | day 55 - 63

 photo DSC_1902copy_zps5b6dd9d8.jpg  photo DSC_1700copy_zpsf4b7f451.jpg  photo DSC_2025copy_zpsd5c1783e.jpg  photo DSC_2063copy2_zpscd7c8aff.jpg  photo DSC_2067copy_zps884622a3.jpg  photo DSC_1876copy_zps05c0586c.jpg photo DSC_1887copy2_zps8a26e2c2.jpg  photo DSC_2192copy2_zpsb9acee01.jpg  photo DSC_2407copy_zps08d7dda3.jpg