Friday, March 21, 2014

baby lincoln :: baby portraits :: olathe, kansas

My sweet and wonderful friend Kerry just had her forth sweet baby, and I had the privilege to come snuggle and love and capture a few sweet shots of this new little guy. He was awake the entire time I was there, and can I just tell you, he was so calm and so incredibly sweet the entire time.
 photo DSC_4408copybw_zps1d9a1bb4.jpg  photo DSC_4537copybw_zpsf2db19ca.jpg  photo DSC_4476copyvintage_zpsf811639f.jpg  photo DSC_4498copyvintage_zps2924aa54.jpg  photo DSC_4550copy_zps51977b1b.jpg  photo DSC_4444copy2_zpsba04c6a8.jpg  photo DSC_4679copy_zps006f9a7c.jpg  photo DSC_4540copyvintage_zps7c0aaff7.jpg So very happy and excited for my friend. Love this little guy so much already!

happy friday! have a beautiful weekend!


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