Monday, February 14, 2011

february 14th 2011 - day one

After much thought and a lot of talking with friends and family, I decided to start a photography blog. A blog where I can post all of my 'work-in-progress' photos and share with the world my inspiration and growth in a hobby I am so passionate about. I am hoping one day to also add in my design work I so love and hopefully take this blog to new and exciting levels. I am really excited about this and I love the support I am getting from the people I love. 

So here it is... watch me as I grow!

Starting today with my first post... my first of many pictures for the year. My goal is to jump on the 'photo for a day' bandwagon. I may be a little behind, but I will definitely catch up!

My little sleeping cutie. I can't get enough of this little girl, especially when she is sleeping. Those eyelashes and lips... she melts my heart! I love the sunlight hitting her face and making her glow.

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