Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wordless(ish) wednesday

our new nightly routine has been taking long walks along some of the beautiful paths at some of our favorite parks. sometimes we even stop to fish for a few hours at the lakes and ponds nearby. we are so loving this new adventure and look forward to it on the warm and crisp nights.
  Photobucketi love watching . it's  always a new adventure every time we go and they  always get so excited.

PhotobucketPhotobucket and i stay behind the pack to wait for our little straggler. she always has to stop and look at bugs or pick out rocks or just sit for a bit to just watch everybody eles.

Photobucket i love when we stay to watch the sunset and look for the moon and stars. 

i am just loving our walks.

happy wednesday!! hope you are having a wonderful week!


MG Atwood said...

What a lovely area you have to walk in. Your little one is too cute!

Em S said...

She is such a cutie! What a new fun tradition!

Kristin said...

yay! i loooooove the feeling of these photos! the only thing better than a warm spring night walk is one at the end of a summer day! this place looks so great!

i have to get you to tell me how to make my photos really big! I have googled it so many times but for some reason every time i try it I get confused and frustrated. i don't speak HTML. is there an easier way? a link that is easy to understand?

Elena said...

Great little tradition that you are making! Love your shots!

georgia b. said...

what a sweetie!! that third photo is beyond precious. walks are the best when you have a family, no? i mean, i always loved to take them before. but now that we have a son, i love them even more. i so look forward to when our little guy an walk and does not have to stay bound to a stroller.

lovely photo walk.