Friday, July 6, 2012

29 weeks

Photobucket you can check out previous bump pics here.

 wow! already to the 29th week of this pregnancy! time just seems to fly by for me right now! but i am definitely getting super excited to meet this little one! less than eleven weeks to go! today i had my wonderful glucose test done. i am not a big fan of this and it doesn't matter what flavor or how cold that drink is, i always feel like puking afterwards. hopefully all tests well and we don't have to do it again! it was wonderful listening to that beautiful and strong heart beat. 154 bpm! now we are on to dr. appointments every two weeks! before we know it this little one will be here!! can't wait!!

hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!


Kristin said...

Yuck. Not a fun procedure in pregnancy,eh? Happy to read that all is going well.

Kara said...

so sweet! i love that you're tracking your pregnancy with pictures and a small message! great for a scrapbook. and eww, glucose tests are no fun!