Thursday, March 5, 2015

i heart faces :: everyday life

One of my favorite photo challenges, capturing the moments of everyday life. 

Lately around here it's been following a cute little toddler as he embarks on the oh-so-fun adventure of potty training. It's been an interesting journey for us, but he is enjoying the fun moments of playing trains, watching movies and all of the candy and happy dancing. 
 photo DSC_7277 copy 3_zpsu7nfeuj8.jpg You have to go check out some more beautiful captures of everyday life at I heart faces. So many fun and wonderful moments captured.

Hope you have an awesome day! It's almost the weekend! 



Tara Gordon said...

Stopping by from I Heart Faces! I have my own red-headed thumb-sucker, who is almost 6, and this picture made me smile! So sweet!

*Jess* said...

this could be a picture from when my Jayce was little :) He'd often lay like that on the floor with his Thomas surrounding him :)