Saturday, January 28, 2012

a long week

The hubby has been out of town this week. in fact, he is still gone. and it always seems to be that the times when he is away, are the times when sickness and restless nights are a thing in our household.

but we have made do and found that playing and reading are always a favorite to start the mornings.

and when the sun is shining outside, we head out there to keep it company.

plus, we just love some cuddle and lazy time. a must in this household.

and finding new games to play make this long week seem not so bad. thankfully, wayne will be home soon and everyone is looking forward to that time! 

hope you all had a very wonderful week and weekend!


amy@agoodlife said...

sorry you have some kiddos under the weather :( gorgeous pics {love the balloon one!} and i think you're such an amazing mama for being so calm & collected with your husband gone for a week... i would be a wreck!

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to be alone with little one, let alone when they're sick! Hopefully your hubby will be home soon, and the kids will start feeling better. I love that you captured these gorgeous photos even in the middle of a tough week. The balloon photo is awesome! Have a great rest of the weekend. ~Jennifer

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

The balloon pic... wow... sigh... I love capturing more than just a smile on my kid´s face... capturing their moment, that´s magic! You do that wonderfully!
greetings from mexico!

Gina Kleinworth said...

That balloon is fabulous & the perspective on that first one- WOW

hennymats said...

Love the photos, especially the balloon one and the light on the first one. Cute kids :) And yeah, it's hard when you're on your own - I have no idea how single parents do it!


Kristin said...

Our Daddy travels almost weekly and so I totally get that change in energy when Daddy returns! YAY! ; ) You also get to step back a bit too, which is nice. Way to get through this week! Looks like your weather has been far better than ours! Love that hint of sun in your photo! Being outside is a fantastic way to pass the time! LOVE the photo of the balloon falling too!!

rebecca said...

your photos are so sweet kristin! i'm so glad you linked up with the simple things this week...I just loved stopping by your blog. :) enjoy your week and hope the time flies by until your husband is home! :)