Thursday, June 14, 2012

26 weeks

Photobucket you can see previous bump pics here.
  Photobucketso we are now in the double digits when it comes to counting down days till baby arrives! 98 to be exact! that is just crazy! I am super excited to me this little one. To find out if we are having another son or daughter and to see what little personality this little one has. I am super excited but also freaking out just a tiny bit, mostly because i feel like there is so much to do before this little person arrives but also because we are soon going to have FOUR tiny little people running around! but to be honest, even though that is extremely overwhelming to think about, when i am playing and laughing and just watching my kids I get this huge gush of happiness and warm fuzzy feelings to know that there is soon going to be another little person who is just as awesome and fun as my three already are. and that my friends makes me super happy!

on another note, i am starting to feel really pregnant and well, like i am getting huge! of course it doesn't help when your son's bus driver asks if you are having twins. way to make a pregnant women feel wonderful complete stranger. oh well, i have just a few short months and i will be busy loving a new baby. and i can't wait!!

now this mama is off on a solo vacation to catch up with some amazing friends and relax with family!! so excited!! have a great weekend everyone!!


Andrea said...

Oh my you are too cute! :) You look great!
Enjoy your vacation alone with friends and family. :)

Cropped Stories said...

Great bump update (as always). Love your letter to baby; so sweet! You are lookin' great (trust me you do not look like you are havin' twins) ;o) I was pregnant throught the Summer too and I never ate so many ice cubes in my life. Yeah I would crunch on them all day long! It was the only thing that kept me cool! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I made mention of you in a recent post! :o)

Sarah Halstead said...

Aww. I love it. Sooo adorable.