Friday, June 22, 2012

quarterly top 5 - q2

seriously, halfway done through the year? that is just crazy to me!! but i am super excited to link up again for the quarterly top 5!
    Photobucketi love this one of our little straggler. always stopping to check things out, never in a hurry to get anywhere.

Photobucket this kid just cracks me up. every time! i  love this shot of him checking out the snakes with the magnifier. such a cute kid!

Photobucket my favorite moments of motherhood are when i see all three of my kiddos being together, having fun and creating wonderful memories. i love these moments the most!

Photobucket best part of summer, sharing a yummy treat with your best friend!

I love her big smile! such a happy little girl and i just can't get enough of her!!

Go check out some more amazing photos of kids and furry kids over at, and and don't forget to link up!!


Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

You have totally outdone yourself with these. Those first two- PHENOMENAL!!!!

Elena said...

Okay, I seriously can't pick a favorite! These are all fantastic shots! Okay, that last one really gets me smiling though ;o) Oh and I love the magnifying glass one; too funny!

Sarah Halstead said...

These are great. I swear I commented on them but don't see them. The first two are awesome.

Amber said...

These photos are just filled with curiosity, which I love. They truly embody how I view children at this age.

MamaSparrow said...

I just love the story your photos tell. My favorite would be the first and the one of your children winding through the field. That field looks awesome! Makes me miss when we lived on 70 acres in the rolling Midwest prairie.

Ashley Sisk said...

The moments you capture are genius - I love love love the way you tell a story through your photos (wait, someone else already said that but it's so true). Great job!