Monday, April 25, 2011

kansas city

We spent this weekend driving around Kansas City looking for a new home. It was the first time both of us have ever been away from the kids for that long. It was nice, but we missed them. And we couldn't really call this trip a vacation, since we spent seriously all day sitting in a car driving around and looking at houses.

After the first two hours, it got old, but this was important for our family.

So I didn't do so well on the whole capturing moments and taking a lot of pictures on this trip. However, the nice rental car people were so generous to upgrade us to a mustang convertible for our trip, which my husband insisted on riding around with the top down as much as possible.

Picture courtesy of my husband. Love the reflection in the front windshield.

Kansas City has some beautiful scenery and amazing vegetation. We did enjoy driving around looking at all the beautiful ponds and lakes throughout the city. It got us excited on our move out to the Midwest. Planning trips and walks with the kids. Going fishing or to the many parks we saw. 

I took this picture while we were waiting at the airport. By the end of our trip we were very tired. We spent so many long days driving around that we were up late eating and tracking our recent finds. It was a great trip and we are hoping to go back soon to start finalizing on some of our decisions!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have some little faces to go kiss and love and love and love!


Jessaca said...

OMG love the photo that your husband took of you...well done!! the reflection from the trees is framing your face nicly.
Hope you guys get to catch up some needed sleep.

Ashley Sisk said...

That looks exhausting but I love the reflection in the your jewelry!