Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wordless(ish) wednesday

Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with just my little buddy. It was just the two of us. (well, it was with his school on a feildtrip.) But we got the opportunity to explore and discover on our own.

He loved every minute at the discovery gateway museum. There were things to spin, balls to throw, and so many areas to run and play. I love discovering with him. I love watching him grow. He is doing amazing things!





Jane said...

Lovely photos - so colorful, crisp and clear. Looks like you had a really wonderful day together.

AmyLee said...

umm, this seriously made me almost tear up. i'm so excited for all these things with parker at this age! i mean, i try to enjoy every second, but it will be so fun to go with him on field trips. great pics :)

Marvett Smith said...

These are the best kinds of days. Great images!