Wednesday, May 18, 2011

before and after - dino edition

We love going to the zoo. We go there a lot and we are so going to miss it. It's become a place where we go with our best of friends. We've celebrated birthdays there. We've walked and explored, rode trains and wooden animals there. We love the Hogle zoo... it will be greatly missed.

However, the zoo just got a little bit more exciting. It has dinosaurs now. Big ones! They move and roar and even spit water! To my little guys... this was cool. Way cool!


Just check out t-rex. So big and so cool!

Plus a big dinosaur to sit on while you have your camera crazy mom snap millions of photos of you.


I loved that the dinosaurs are everywhere throughout the zoo. They are in the duck pond, along the train ride, and even up on your way to the tigers.

And I loved that we got to show grandpa and grandma our pretty awesome zoo.


Yes. We pretty much love our zoo. We are so going to miss it.

And of course we loved it so much that Wayne just wanted to come and check out these dinosaurs. Our last trip as a family to the Hogle zoo. It was fun to have him with us!

Here is my before shot. One of the millions I took. It's a little dark but I love his look.

So I opened it up in Adobe RAW and adjusted the white balance and just a tiny bit of the exposure. I then ran noise-ware and warmed up the image a bit. I also ran Coffee Shop Baby Powder and soften his skin a bit. I sharpened the eyes and then I used AMP Day Dream and adjusted the layers accordingly. I added a slight blue mist layer and adjusted it to 15%.  I also sharpened the whole image and added a slight vignette at 8%.

To check out more before and afters head on over to Pixel Perfect!


AmyLee said...

i love your little man's expression in the third set of pics... the way he is looking at you is priceless :)

Jane said...

Our nature sanctuary has a dino exhibit every fall around a half mile trail and one of them spits water too which my daughter loves. We went to the zoo recently where they had a similar exhibit and she was SO disappointed that there was no spitting dino!

We just bought a new book called Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Freedman and Cort which your dinosaur loving son might like. It is quite a funny take on why the dinosaurs disappeared :-)

Danyelle said...

Oh my, it looks like you guys had so much fun!

- Jessi - said...

These are so fun! Love the black sand white, sweetness. Edit is great as well :)

Kara said...

Love the colors! My son would absolutely LOVE this! Husband too, lol. They both love dinosaurs!

Marla said...

These pictures totally made me want to head to a zoo! So much fun! :)

Marla @

Hannah said...

Love the photos! The zoo looks like it would be a blast! Haven't been to the zoo in awhile but always love going. The edit is great; def brightens up the photo. Great job!

Have a lovely day!