Thursday, May 5, 2011

before and after

Yesterday was a long day for us. With the dilemma of Fisher possibly having sleep apnea and with the suggestion of our wonderful pediatrician, we had Fisher's tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday.  It was a blessing for sure since both his adenoids and tonsils were quite enlarged and obstructing some of his breathing airways. Needless to say, our little man is quite the trooper and is on to a better recovery today. I took this picture right before he went into surgery, just him and his dad hanging out.

I took it with my 28-70mm manual style so the lighting is totally off and definitely a little too dark.

I first opened it in ACR and adjusted the white balance to brighten it up a little. I also adjusted the fill light just a tiny bit. Then I created a contrast layer at 30% and ran slight lighten from Pioneer Women's action set. Added just a little warmth and decided to make it black and white. So I created a black and white layer, adjusted the curves layer and contrast layers. I then created a milky layer with it on multiply and adjusted it to 10%. Finalized it with a vignette on the edges at 8% and sharpen the whole thing.

To check out more great before and afters, head on over to Pixel Perfect!


Linda Makiej said...

Really great photo work!
Glad to have found you to follow!

R and J Studios said...

neat little memory - i like the B&W conversion alot!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I like how the conversion turned out. Even if it isn't the best of circumstances.

Lynda said...

Great edit. I love the photojournalistic style of the shot! I'm glad your little one is recovering well. I hope he's back to normal very soon!

AmyLee said...

so glad the surgery went well! great edit.