Tuesday, May 10, 2011

wordless(ish) wednesday

Today, today we saw some dinosaurs. We like dinosaurs here. Thankfully we have one of the largest and coolest dinosaur museum just a little bit away from us. Naturally, we just had to take grandma and grandpa and show them all the cool things it has.

Chase is a great tour guide. He will point out every. single. dinosaur.

He has the greatest relationship with my dad. I just love these two together.

Poor little guy. Today was a hard day for him. I cannot wait for him to just get better and just start feeling better. 

But he found his fish tank, which he just absolutely loves. He could literally watch fish for hours.

And sweet baby girl is just loving the attention from her grandparents. I know she looks sad in this picture, her brother scared her. But her eyes and pouty lips just make her so sweet and adorable!

the long road


Jane said...

Love those shots with Granddad and that does look like a fabulous museum, we love dinosaurs too!

Barb said...

Beautiful baby! the photo looks great in black and white.