Friday, September 30, 2011


We are all packed.

Today we finally get to move into our new home.

Goodbye tiny town home.


We're pretty excited and happy about it!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Ashley Sisk said...

That's so exciting - you'll have to take a few pictures of it. :)

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

So exciting! I agree with Ashley: take many photos. :)

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said... exciting! we'll be moving in a month or so. so ready to just get it over with.

amy@agoodlife said...

yay for your own house!! i bet you can't wait to make it yours. half the fun of having your own home is putting nail holes in the walls & doing what you want with it :)

Sarah said...

YAY! Congrats. Just wanted to let you know you were the necklace winner for Quarterly Top 5. You should be getting an email soon.

geetlee said...

all the best with the move, hope you settle in well :)